When is the job finished?

The order is finished as soon as customer and craftsman have confirmed this via "Meet&Greet".

Loading times, fetching spare parts, writing down invoice details etc. are part of the craftsman's working time.

If the price specification for spare parts is not available, the craftsman can make up for this from the office and release the entire order for customer confirmation later. 

Both must confirm the completion of the order within 24 hours at the latest.

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Is the unloading and loading time of the craftsmen included in the settlement time?

Sometimes the craftsman needs to bring his tools and materials from the car to the customer's apartment/house. This also applies to bringing them back after completion of the order.

These ways are part of the order and must be taken into account in the execution time.

Therefore, the start and finish of the work should be activated respectively before the unloading and after the final loading of the tools and materials.

What happens if client does not release the job finish?

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What is the "Meet & Greet" process?

The "Meet & Greet" process is a mutual confirmation of the beginning and the end of an assignment by the client and the craftsman. Confirmation is done in 2 different ways that lead to the same result:

- A confirmation by means of confirmation codes

In the Fixario-App (Android or iOS) the customer has the possibility to obtain a "Meet&Greet" code in the order folder. This code is displayed as a QR code and a 6-digit number. If the craftsman scans the code via his Fixario-App or types in the 6-digit number manually, the order is considered to be started or finished on both sides.

- A confirmation via email

If "Meet&Greet" cannot be executed immediately at the start or at the end of the job, e.g. if the craftsman still wants to determine the costs for the materials used at a later date, there is the possibility to initiate the "Meet&Greet" process via email. This can be done by the client as well as the craftsman. The other party will then receive a corresponding email with a confirmation link.

What happens if clent does not release the payment to the technician?

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What happens, if the client is not on site at agreed time to start the job?

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Can I take a break during exection of the job?

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Why is the communication to the client so importnat before job starting?

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Is it possible to change the order which has already been confirmed by the client?

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Is it wortwhile to execute more jobs via Plattform?

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Is it worthwhile to manage my orders via smart calender?

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