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Top categories

Building cleaner

27.0 €/hr
Cleaner - apartment cleaning once
Cleaner - window cleaning once
Cleaner - stair cleaning once
Cleaner - other cleaning work

Building drying industry

40.0 €/hr
Dry walls and masonry


50.0 €/hr
Carpenter - renew seals
Carpenter - installation of window and balcony door elements
Carpenter - make the doors open and lockable
Carpenter - repair and maintenance work stuck windows and squeaky doors
Carpenter - refurbish wooden stairs
Carpenter - other carpentry
Carpenter - installation of handles / locks
Carpenter - wood cladding and repair
Carpenter - installation of interior door elements
Carpenter - assembly of entrance door elements


70.0 €/hr
Electro - install sockets
Electro - lay the power cable
Electro - electric installations
Electro - install Internet / telephone connections
Electro - install the satellite system
Electro - connect the stove
Electro - annual electrical check with report
Electro - other electrical work
Electro - set up / repair intercom
Electro - install lamps with cabling


40.0 €/hr
Gardener - cut the hedge
Gardener - create raised bed
Gardener - other gardening work
Gardener - mow the lawn and scarify
Gardener - decorate the garden

Plumber and heating technician

70.0 €/hr
Sanitary - install the fittings for bathroom, kitchen
Sanitary - install sink
Sanitary - water damage
Sanitary - install / repair toilet
Sanitary - Install / repair the water connection
Sanitary - other plumbing and heating work
Sanitary - annual check (gas / heating) with report
Sanitary - replace / repair shower cabin
Sanitary - change mixer tap
Sanitary - modernize / maintain heating
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